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8 Things To Get You Through Quarantine

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

It's been over 3 months since the lockdown/pandemic/quarantine and it's been a whirlwind of emotions and change for everyone. While it's important to stay safe, and we are all spending a lot more time at home, I wanted to share some things that I've been enjoying, some simple, and some more significant to help me get through, and hopefully you too!

*Some links are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you choose to click the links and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. PINTEREST Okay, obviously this is a given- but I've got so many great ideas and have been able to share so many as well! From workouts, to recipes, it's made me a little more creative. I've tried out some recipes that you can find on my Pinterest, like fish tacos, tomato gnocchi, and BBQ salmon mango bowl (all SO good!)

CHAI TEA LATTES I've always been a fan and have purchased the Tazo Chai Latte Mix from the grocery store, which tastes exactly like what they use at Starbucks- but, it's a little pricey for one carton. A cheaper option found on Amazon is by Oregon Chai and it's pretty comparable to me!

LAPTOP RISER This one is a little random, but I seriously think it's important to have one of these or something like it! I spend at least a couple hours a time at my laptop some days and this brings my laptop screen up to eye level on my desk, so I'm not crouching with a poor posture to look at my screen. We have enough problems in the world, and neck or back pain doesn't have to be added to the list. You can find the one I use here, but there are many many options that you can buy also from Walmart or Staples.

AMAZON WORKOUT LEGGINGS You can see my last blog post about this brand on Amazon in detail, but these are an absolute dupe for Gymshark!! They are a fraction of the price and such good quality! There is something about cute workout clothing that motivates me a bit more to do a workout at home. They have tons of different styles, colours, and nice workout tops too!

RESISTANCE BAND Speaking of working out at home, I purchased a great loop resistance band on Amazon in order to do some more exercises at home! I had a genius idea to hook it up to my old door stretcher, so I can do similar exercises to the cable machine at the gym! It worked so well and I was so happy with it! Even if you can't hook it onto a door, there are TONS of exercises you can do with just the band and mine even came with a little booklet of exercises. Here is a similar resistance band here.

SUNSCREEN Yes, although we are at home a lot, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the summer weather! This Live Clean sunscreen is my favourite because it uses physical ingredients rather than some harmful chemical ones.

HOUSEPARTY APP It's great to be able to connect with your friends or family online when you can't see them in person- this app is so fun! It's like a group facetime where you can also play games and interact with each other. My favourite is the Draw game because it's hilarious! NETFLIX

This is a given- who isn't watching netflix at home? Some of my favourite shows that I have completely binged and finished so far during quarantine have been Schitt's Creek, The Good Place, and Selling Sunset. Especially with more awareness lately around the BLM movement, it's important to educate ourselves. A couple of other great resources for this are on Netlfix- I watch 13th and When They See Us- both great movies/documentaries that are educational and discuss the deep roots of systemic racism. See me talk more about these in my YouTube video where I also mention more favourites! Here are some more great resources you can use: Leave me a comment below to tell me your favourite things that are getting you through quarantine!


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