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Hi, I'm Jess!

As a dancer, and with my education in Kinesiology, I love to combine both dance & fitness to share the idea that movement is medicine. I love to share workouts that I enjoy to encourage & motivate others to Make a Move towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle!  I have worked with many populations, ages & abilities of people in both community and clinical settings, including those with conditions such as arthritis, stroke, MS, respiratory & cardiac conditions. I especially enjoy working with these populations as well as older adults!


I'm a Dancer & Choreographer

Dance and movement have been a big part of my life and my sanity! I'm not saying everyone should be as passionate about dance as I am, but I do believe that movement is medicine and everyone should MOVE! But, just like myself, you need to find YOUR type of movement that you enjoy, that works for your body and YOU as a person, in order to allow it to become a lifestyle!

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A Holistic Approach

While practicing in my previous jobs, I've seen clients from every age, every body type, every ability- including a wide range of injuries and health problems. Through teaching exercise classes, prescribing exercise, and assessing people, it's easy to see that exercise or lack of, is not the only factor in a person's wellness or health. We must encompass all elements of health & wellness to live a truly healthy & happy lifestyle- this includes moving your body, but also, what you put in it, your mental and your spiritual wellness.

Image by Dane Wetton
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