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5 Essential Self-Care Tips

Sometimes in life, we need a break from stress and everyday responsibilities. We often forget to make sure we are actually taking care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. We talk about treating ourselves such as going on a shopping spree, indulging in our favourite desserts, or taking a bubble bath to slow down the world. While all of these things can absolutely be apart of making ourselves feel good, there is a difference between treating yourself vs. self-care. We want to thank ourselves in the future for how we take care of ourselves now, not just a temporary thing that made us feel good in the moment (while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!). Sometimes indulging, taking a bubble bath, having a wine night, is absolutely necessary for our mental health and well being and we need that break! But, I'm going to share 5 essentials tips with you that will make you feel better in the long run and will ensure that you are always incorporating self-care into your life!

1. MOVE YOUR BODY We hear this all the time, but movement for your body is the best thing you can do for your health. This doesn't always mean that we need to exercise every single day, but it's about listening to what your body needs, whether it's a light stretch in the morning, a quick workout, doing yoga, or a going for a walk. If we stay sitting or laying down all day, we naturally will start to feel more tired and unproductive. Our bodies are meant to MOVE! Exercise and movement not only are good for your physical health, but also your mental health because usually we are focusing on the movement we are doing which allows us to be present and allows 'happy' hormones in our body to be released. 2. DRINK WATER

This usually goes hand in hand with moving our bodies, but staying hydrated is so important for how our body is going to feel during the day. Just like if we are laying down all day, if we are feeling dehydrated, we are naturally going to be more tired. Drinking water has TONS of benefits like clearing your skin, healthier joints, and cleansing your body in general. I like to stay hydrated by filling up my water bottle at the beginning of the day and trying to stay in the habit of keeping it near me so I keep sipping it. Water bottles with time stamps on them can also be useful for many people to allow them to see exactly how much water they have drank throughout the day and for a visual reminder!


Especially during the pandemic, we have felt a little more trapped at home. Staying inside all day can really put a damper on our mood and our well-being, especially if we aren't exposed to sunlight, which gives our bodies a natural dose of Vitamin D and makes us feel happier in general. I like to even just sit outside for 10 minutes and feel the sunshine, be present, and enjoy nature around me. You can also incorporate your daily movement with being outside!

4. SKINCARE I think having a skincare routine is a great way to incorporate self-care daily. Even just splashing water on my face or taking a shower naturally makes me more awake and feeling ready for the day. You don't have to have a complicated or expensive skincare routine, but it is up to each person what they want and what is best for their skin. Having healthy skin naturally will make us feel more confident and happy with our appearance as well. I also think that taking the time for a skincare routine in the morning and night is a great time to be present, enjoy the process of taking care of yourself, and to just feel pampered and rejuvenated in general. 5. CLEAR YOUR SPACE

Lastly, I always feel better when my living space is clean, decluttered, and feeling comfortable. If I am feeling unmotivated and unproductive, usually my living space is messy and disorganized. I find that

when I take the time to even just clean up or make my bed, I automatically feel better! It's almost a visual representation of how we feel. I feel that I can be more productive and in order when my space is too. In addition, I think it's so important to make your living space not only comfortable, but your style. I love my bedroom because I have set the mood that is authentic to me, and filled with things that make me happy. These can be things such as the colours and textures we choose, the amount of sunlight in the room, the decorations, and even having some greenery or plants in your space!


I hope you enjoyed these 5 essentials for self-care, and I hope it encourages you to implement these more in your life if you haven't already! Thanks so much for reading my blog. You can also check out my YouTube video here!


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