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Welcome to my Blog: Make A Move!

Updated: May 12, 2020

If you haven't read my bio on the homepage- Hey! I'm Jess, a passionate dancer & choreographer, Registered Kinesiologist, and lover of many things health & fitness related! I wanted to begin this blog, along with my Pinterest account, to encourage others to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Other than that, yes- I have started this during the world pandemic because, since we're all at home, I think it's good timing and also, why not?

I call this 'Make a Move' to send the message that YOU can take action and make your move towards a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you may be in that journey. And I don't mean just 'going on a diet' or starting a new workout routine... I mean TRULY making your health become apart of your lifestyle- where you barely even think twice about it sometimes! What do I mean? I mean, working to change some unhealthy habits you may have slowly developed, to the point where it doesn't FEEL like you are limiting your food choices or are 'on a diet', it doesn't FEEL like you are 'forcing yourself to workout'.... to the point where this starts to just come naturally to you in your everyday lifestyle. But, trust me, no one is perfect... not even me! Do you think I NEVER feel like I've had to force myself to workout? No, because there has been multiple times where I have sat debating if I should go to the gym, or debating if I should do my workout ("I'm tired, I don't really have time...", etc.) The most important thing is to remember that we are HUMAN, and that we are never going to be absolutely perfect when trying to achieve our goals. Through this blog, I'll discuss and share everything from workouts, fitness & health tips, injury prevention, food/recipes, workout attire, to dance specific topics and self-care, including my favourite products! From time to time, I also post some exercise and Kinesiology related videos on my YouTube channel. If this interests you, feel free to follow my blog and YouTube channel, and leave me a comment! If you haven't already, check out my Pinterest here! If you are reading, thank you! And I hope I am able to at the very least give you some motivation or inspiration. Most importantly, take care of yourself during this time. Your WHOLE self- your mind, body, and spirit! Essentially, that is also what 'Make a Move' is about.


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