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6 Booty Exercises At Home!

I don't know about you, but I've sat on my phone or laptop quite a bit during this pandemic. When I've been sitting on it for so long, I feel like I need to get up and work it! Before we get into the exercises, let's quickly talk about the muscles of our booty:

We have three main muscles that make up our glutes (booty, peach, whatever you like to call it). Our gluteus maximus is the largest muscle, alongside the gluteus medius (side/top of our glutes) and our gluteus minimus underneath. Depending on the type of exercise or the action we are doing, we can work these different areas to develop a well-rounded booty. There are many exercises that will help activate these different glute muscles, as well as exercises to help grow them. Let's get into the exercises: Repeat all for 2-3 sets and adjust the number of repetitions based on your levels and goals. *Make sure you watch my YouTube video for full demonstration & explanation of exercises! EXERCISE 1 (SUPERSET): Kneeling Squats & Donkey Kicks (15-20 reps each) These two exercises are both great for activating the glutes, especially with the use of a booty band or a tied up theraband (like I used in the pictures).

Go through 15-20 reps of kneeling squats, pressing out against the band and squeezing the entire time, then immediately go into 15-20 reps each leg for donkey kicks.

EXERCISE #2: Bulgarian Split Squat into Single Leg RDL (8-10 reps)

Not going to lie, this one is a killer. This is a combination exercise to target multiple areas (and maximize your time effectively during your workout!).

This is a more Intermediate exercise, so if you find it too difficult with balance, either hold onto something next to you, or just do a regular lunge without the back foot elevated, and do a RDL standing on both legs. Watch me demo these exercises in my video below, or go to my YouTube channel.

EXERCISE #3: Hip Thrusts (10-15 reps)

This is a great exercises to grow your glutes and really isolate those muscles. You can use body weight or add some weight- I've just used a chair or ottoman at home to lean the bottom of my shoulder blades on. Really squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement!

EXERCISE #4: Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge (10-12 reps) Another combination exercise to really target that side booty (glute medius!) You can add weight if you would like more of a challenge. Step out wide into a side lunge, making sure the knee is facing forward, then cross backward into a curtsy lunge.

EXERCISE #5: Single Leg Glute Bridges (10-12 reps) A final challenging exercise- to make this easier, you can do a regular glute bridge on both legs!

See me demonstrate all exercises & explain proper form below!

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