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The BEST Gymshark Dupes on Amazon!!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

*This blog posts contains affiliate links, meaning if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you.*

The BEST Gymshark dupes on Amazon!!!

So during this quarantine, I was in need of some more workout clothing that would motivate me to workout at home! I was on Gymshark, and although the prices are expensive, I decided to order one pair of seamless leggings and the camo seamless long sleeve top. I cringed at the price, but I was sure it would be worth it! Turns out, I do love my seamless leggings, but I ended up returning the camo seamless top (see picture)- I ordered a size small and it felt slightly snug (although that is what the fit should be). I could have gotten over the fact that it was a bit snug if the material wasn't SO thick! I felt like a was suffocating a bit, so it got returned.

I then turned to Amazon, our best friend, and I was shocked to find a DUPE of Gymshark (but seriously, they really ripped them off because their tops and leggings look EXACTLY like Gymshark's!!!). They have the camo seamless sets that look identical for a FRACTION of the price (my Gymshark leggings were $80, Amazon leggings are $32.99. The Gymshark long sleeve was $60, and the Amazon top was $31.99). CRAZY! The brand on Amazon is by 'INSTINNCT.' Get the leggings HERE and the top HERE. They have tons of colours and style options!

I would have bought the identical camo seamless top from Amazon, but at the time they didn't have a Medium, which I wanted to get to avoid running into the same problem I did with Gymshark's. But, I did grab a long sleeve crop in an all black (size M) and I love it!

The material isn't super thick like Gymshark's was, which I like, and the quality still seems great. It's comfortable and doesn't feel too tight on me! I grabbed the camo seamless leggings in black/grey (size S) and when I got them, I was seriously shocked at how identical they look to Gymshark's!!! I heard the Gymshark's camo seamless leggings are also a very thick material, like the top, so that's why I never got them from Gymshark (I opted for their Breeze Lightweight Seamless leggings- which I love and are in a nice lavender colour). I also got a light blue pair of the Amazon leggings (size S). Both pairs of leggings are extremely comfortable, not see-through at all, and fit like a glove. Also, my Gymshark leggings are comfortable, but the waistband is super a compressive fit (but not uncomfortably tight), but I do think it causes a bit of a lower belly 'bulge' because of the tighter waistband. The Amazon leggings however, do NOT do this! Overall, this brand on Amazon is fantastic in my experience, and I would highly recommend to save some money on workout clothing! I will definitely be purchasing more tops and leggings from this brand! :) See my full thoughts & try on video on my YouTube channel!

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