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Full Body Workout At Home (Dumbbell Supersets)

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

It's a crazy time in the world- some places, like Ontario, still currently have restrictions in place and gyms are not open and may not be for a long time. But just like at the gym, we don't want to spend 1+ hours working out at home. I've put together a workout that is effective and will work your entire body, using only dumbbells or whatever objects you may have around your home. If you want some at home dumbbells, try some like these (they come in many different weights!):

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First, let me explain what supersets are- this is when you move quickly in between a couple different resistance exercises, without a rest. We usually see 2 exercises back to back, working either opposing muscles, or similar muscle action groups. For example, you may see in the below exercises how I pair two lower body exercises, one is squats (working multiple muscles including quads, glutes, etc) and one is Romanian deadlifts (targeting hamstrings, glutes, etc). This is a great way to cut time off of your weight training since you are pairing exercises within the same set, instead of focusing on one isolated muscle at a time and perhaps doing 3-4 sets each. These exercises are just ONE way you can create supersets, so keep reading to see me break them down! Here is the full workout before I breakdown each superset exercises: SUPERSET 1: Squat Press | RDL SUPERSET 2: Biceps Curl | Row SUPERSET 3: Curtsy Lunges | Glute Bridge SUPERSET 4: Closegrip Chestpress | Triceps Ext SUPERSET 5: Reverse Lunges | Box Squat to calf raise SUPERSET 6: Alternating front to lateral raises | Reverse fly

SUPERSET 7: Plank carry under | Dead bugs

For each exercise, we can do anywhere from 8-12 reps, switching to the second exercise as quickly as you can. Repeat each superset 3-4 times, or you could even go through all supersets as more of a circuit, then repeat all 7 supersets (3-4 times is usually great!) You can use weights you are comfortable with, and this workout can be done by Beginners or more experienced individuals, depending on how much weight you use! For beginners, you can even just use body weight for some of these movements (such as the squat press, curtsy lunges, glute bridge, lunges, box squat, etc!) SUPERSET 1

SQUAT PRESS: Weight in the heels, flat back, pressing arms straight up as we lift from the squat. ROMANIAN DEADLIFT (RDL): Flat back, weight in the heels, reach your hips/butt backward as you reach towards your shins with a slight bend in your knees.


BICEPS CURL: Standing or seated, lift your dumbbells or object towards your shoulders, keeping elbows tight to your sides. Control the movement on the way down. ROWS: Leaning forward with a flat back, pull weights back towards your hips, squeezing the shoulder blades together and keeping elbows close to your body.


CURTSY LUNGES: Circle one leg behind and across, lunge into both legs. Repeat on each leg.

GLUTE BRIDGES: Have feet flat or toes up, arms flat or holding weight at hips. Squeeze glutes at the top without arching the back too much, control down.


CLOSEGRIP CHEST PRESS: Shoulders back, press weights up straight, holding them together.

TRICEPS EXTENSION: Hold the object/DB behind your head, keeping elbows forward and shoulders back and down. Lift straight up, extending your elbows. You can slightly lean forward with your head.


REVERSE LUNGES: Standing tall, step backward with one leg and lunge equally into both legs. Knees should create a 90 degree angle in both legs. Repeat each leg.

BOX SQUAT TO CALF RAISE: Stand up from a chair in a squat position, hinging your hips, then lift up onto your toes and squeeze your legs and glutes. Sit back down, reaching the hips back to lightly tap the seat.


ALTERNATING FRONT TO LATERAL RAISES: Ensure your shoulders are back and down, lift one arm infront of you or slightly on a diagonal angle outward, and the other arm lateral out to the side. Switch the direction of arms each time.

REVERSE FLY: Leaning forward with a flat back, with slightly bent elbows lift weights out to your sides, squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top.


PLANK CARRY UNDER: In a high plank position, ensuring your butt is flat and are engaging your core, place one hand in the middle and grab the weight with the other hand. Carry the weight underneath yourself, drop it, then switch hands. Try to avoid twisting your torso. DEAD BUGS: Lie flat on your back, pressing your low back into the floor/mat. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and lift your legs off the floor. Have both arms reaching up to the ceiling. Extend one leg and the opposite side arm to opposite walls- reaching your arm over your head to the wall behind you, and your opposite leg to the wall in front of you. Engage your core as you do this, and slowly bring them back to the starting position.


I hope you try out this workout and it encourages you to get moving! :)


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